Hello world! Welcome to the experience economy.

Who would visit a restaurant to eat Frosted Flakes—and pay $6, possibly 8 for it? What was tasty, and if the bowl was topped with a sprinkling of lemon zest, toasted pistachios and fresh thyme?

Kellogg’s will find out the solution on July 4, when it starts its first-ever restaurant, in Times Square, though the new restaurant will have none of the bling. Rather, Kellogg’s has partnered with Anthony Rudolf—former manager of operations for chef Thomas Keller’s New York eateries and creator of Journee, a members-only organization for eatery professionals—to create a glossy, cozy space by which to challenge eaters’ concepts, with delightful results.

They contain the pistachio- and lemon-spiked bowl of Frosted Flakes and Special K described previously, and ice cream topped with strawberries, Rice Krispies, and matcha powder. Customers will pick up orders via a set of kitchen cabinets that are “,” a sort of un-automated automat. Indoors the door will be a little surprise and their food, like those. Most days, it is going to be a little treat— a morning paper or a plastic band. But additionally, there are plans in the works to give away several tickets.

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